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SurvWest donates survey services to Alliance for Children

    Alliance for Children

    Back in January, Dallas Wilson presented at the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) in Dallas, Texas. While there, he met an engineer from Evolving Texas, a local engineering firm that was providing services for a local non-profit organization–Alliance for Children. Alliance for Children is a non-profit that assists the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). The organization provides services to children and families by assisting in foster care programs, providing services to help youth in foster care successfully transition to adulthood, and by helping children get adopted. As a sub-consultant to Evolving Texas, SurvWest donated a day of our topographic survey services to Alliance for Children to expand their building in Hurst, Texas. Alex Saldierna was the field technician and Casey Pribble was the project manager.