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Heath Hilbig, PE: Contributions in Subsurface Utility Engineering

    Introducing Heath Hilbig, PE, a dedicated engineer whose expertise in subsurface utility engineering (SUE) has been instrumental in shaping critical infrastructure projects. With a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering from Texas A&M, Heath’s journey began at TxDOT, where he honed his skills in materials testing, culvert inspections, and overpass construction. His passion for SUE led him to obtain certifications and licenses in TX and CO, setting the stage for a remarkable career.

    Heath’s projects exemplify his commitment to precision and innovation. The Florence Water Line project demanded meticulous SUE services, requiring the team to designate and expose a PVC water line. Through advanced utility locating methods, the team successfully exposed the waterline in all project areas, providing accurate locations for future use.

    One of Heath’s proudest achievements involves the identification of a critical wastewater line in Puerto Rico. Conventional SUE methods failed to locate the line, posing a threat to project design. Undeterred, Heath’s team implemented dye tracing, strategically placing receptors and releasing a detectable dye. Through rigorous testing and analysis, the team pinpointed the wastewater line’s exact location, safeguarding the project’s integrity.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Heath finds solace in outdoor pursuits like fishing, hunting, and various sports. He cherishes quality time with friends and family, often hosting College football gatherings.

    When asked about the most rewarding aspect of being a professional engineer, Heath reflects on the opportunity to help others. Whether it’s facilitating the creation of water lines or improving roadways, Heath finds fulfillment in contributing to society’s betterment. His altruistic spirit and dedication to service underscore his role as a true asset to the engineering community.

    Heath Hilbig, PE, epitomizes excellence in subsurface utility engineering, combining technical prowess with a genuine desire to make a difference. His contributions continue to shape infrastructure projects and positively impact communities, setting a standard of excellence for future generations of engineers.

    Join us in celebrating Heath’s remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to engineering excellence.