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Daryl Schauer, PE is Driving Success at SurvWest

    Daryl Schauer, PE of SurvWest, LLC

    Meet Daryl Schauer, PE, a Senior Project Manager at SurvWest in Fort Worth, TX. His expertise includes subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and extensive experience in civil engineering have shaped significant projects across Texas. Daryl’s technical proficiency, coupled with his dedication to project management, has been instrumental in delivering successful outcomes for major airport capital improvement programs.

    Daryl graduated from North Dakota State University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering. With over three decades of experience, he obtained his Professional Civil Engineer’s license in TX in 1994 and in CO in 2020. His career journey spans various notable projects, including Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements, Water Treatment Plant projects, and FAA Southwest Region facilities improvements.

    Daryl’s current projects at DFW Airport highlight his commitment to excellence. His past projects include Runway 17R-35L Rehabilitation, Terminals B North, C North, and GSE NE Ramp Efficiencies, and the Northeast End-Around Taxiway Package II. Notably, his involvement in the Runway 18R-36L Rehabilitation project, completed in June 2021, exemplifies his ability to deliver high-quality results within strict timelines.

    Daryl’s pride lies in his contributions to DFW Airport’s Terminal D Roadways, International Parkway Modifications, and Elevated Services Roads projects.

    For Daryl, the most rewarding aspect of being a professional engineer is witnessing the tangible results of his engineering and management efforts come to life. Seeing the completion of projects he’s been involved in brings a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.

    Beyond his professional endeavors, Daryl enjoys the thrill of riding his Harley and spending leisure time at his Colorado cabin. His passion for adventure and the outdoors complements his dedication to engineering excellence.

    Daryl Schauer’s unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with his technical expertise and dedication to project management, continues to drive success at SurvWest. As he navigates through complex engineering challenges, his contributions leave a lasting impact on the infrastructure landscape across Texas and beyond.