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Safety is our top priority

Our Response

to COVID-19

SurvWest updates our COVID guidelines in
a fluid manner, basing our safety plans on
local health orders, CDC guidelines
and other available information. Our focus is
always on the health and wellness of our
employees and our clients. SurvWest will
follow all safety and COVID requirements
required by our clients.

Our policy is to provide a work environment that is inherently safe — free from conditions that are unsanitary, hazardous, or dangerous to the health and safety of all personnel on-site.

Prior to performing work, job site personnel are made aware of safety and health policies, as well as appropriate safety standards to prevent accidents and injuries. Accident prevention demands a commitment from all personnel.

This commitment includes an awareness of proper work methods, use of personal protective equipment, and proper use of tools and equipment. Competent person(s) will, on an on-going basis, review work procedures and adherence to safety standards and take immediate corrective actions as necessary.

We begin every meeting with a safety moment. Safety is discussed daily. Employees can raise any safety related question or concern and all appropriate OSHA safety standards are followed.

Our safety director at SurvWest, Rusty Wolff, has overall responsibility for the implementation of our safety policies. He ensures every employee has the appropriate safety training for their task, personal protective equipment and that job site hazard assessmens are performed.