Markets Served - Railroad


At SurvWest we understand the fast paced nature of the Railroad industry, and have designed and dedicated our business model to have the resources and the rapid response to meet our clients’ needs, project goals and schedules. We have the field, office and professional staff to meet the capacity of our clients’ needs. We have the mobilization and logistical techniques to be nearly anywhere within the United States within 24 hours and stay for the duration of the project.

SurvWest's services to the railway industry cover innovative solutions for all of the Class 1, short line, commuter, light rail and HSR (High Speed Rail) needs. Our team is safety trained and certified with e-railsafe, e-verify and contractor orientation. Our professionals understand the unique language, procedures and methods used within the Railroad industry. From historical research and title defense, to right-of-way determination and development, to design and mapping and construction staking, we are here to serve your needs. Our team specializes in historical research and boundary surveys, right-of-way and railroad surveying throughout the US; we currently have in place techniques and methods to mobilize our highly experienced staff to project locations, efficiently and in a cost-efficient manner.