Markets Served - Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

As a Survey, Utility and Real Estate focused firm, we take great pride in providing support services to our oil and gas clients. Our unique set of professional services offered allows our clients to collaborate directly with one firm for their project needs. Our strategic office locations in Colorado and Texas allow us to meet the demands of clients and their project locations.

SurvWest's Survey services to the oil and gas industry cover innovative solutions for pipeline, and well field needs. Our Survey, Utility and Real Estate team is safety trained and certified with ISNET World (A rating). All employees are also subject to continuous DISA testing (Drug and Alcohol) and client specific requirements. Our professionals understand the unique language, procedures and methods used within the oil and gas industry. We are here to serve your needs efficiently and in a cost savings manner.

Our team has decades of experience on pipeline and well field projects, whether you have a few miles or hundreds of miles. The SurvWest team is ready to get your projects operational and successful in an escalated schedule. Our team is designed to have the scalability to provide resources to meet our clients schedules. SurvWest’s utility experts perform various levels of utility and utility coordination services to the Oil and Gas production industry. Our subsurface utility engineering (SUE) team performs all defined Quality levels (A, B, C, and D) and utility coordination (UC) services. Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and utility coordination (UC) are key components in many of our clients projects, allowing them to reduce costly schedule delays and shut downs during construction, as well as avoiding negative media exposure associated with damaged utilities.

  • Preliminary Alignment (route and layout)
  • Design and Topographical Mapping
  • Geodetic Control Networks
  • Alignment Sheets (Preliminary and Final)
  • Preliminary Alignment Staking
  • Mapping Services (Traditional Ground based, Aerial and UAS)
  • Construction Staking
  • As-Built Surveys (Pipelines, Facilities) various deliverables
  • Well Location Staking and Unit Surveying
  • Well Location Plats (State Specific)
  • GIS Data Collection (Client specific)
  • Deed, Plat Easement and Right of Way Research
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Subdivision and Exemption Plats/USR’s
  • Permit Exhibits (Highway/Railroad)
  • Utility Locates and Surveys
  • Quality “D” – Utility Records Research
  • Quality “C” – Survey Above Ground Features
  • Quality “B” – Designating (Horizontal)
  • Quality “A” – Locating (Vertical)
  • Developing Utility Contact lists
  • Ensuring SUE data is incorporated into design
  • Providing standard agreements (utility)
  • Utility conflict resolution options
  • Developing a utility tracking system and schedule
  • Utility Construction Management