Markets Served - Construction


SurvWest provides construction surveying services to construction managers, land developers, highways and roadways, bridges, railroads, and architects and engineers with a single source solution for construction surveying services.

Our survey field crews are experts in construction surveying with the experience to make on-site decisions and work with various stake holders on projects. We specialize in Residential, Commercial, Highways and Railroad construction surveying. Whether your project is small, complex or large with tight schedules our team is here to be a trusted partner.

We take great pride in providing expertise and advanced survey technologies to complete projects accurately and within the project schedule. The project data is calculated and verified by our highly experienced and skilled staff as part of our rigorous quality control process.

SurvWest’s utility experts perform various levels of utility and utility coordination services to the construction industry. Our subsurface utility engineering (SUE) team performs all defined Quality levels (A, B, C, and D) and utility coordination (UC) services. Subsurface utility engineering (SUE) and utility coordination (UC) are key components in many of our clients projects, allowing them to reduce costly schedule delays and shut downs during construction, as well as avoiding negative media exposure associated with damaged utilities.

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Highway/Roadway Construction
  • Railroad Construction
  • Bridge Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • As-Builts
  • Quality “D” – Utility Records Research
  • Quality “C” – Survey Above Ground Features
  • Quality “B” – Designating (Horizontal)
  • Quality “A” – Locating (Vertical)
  • Developing Utility Contact lists
  • Ensuring SUE data is incorporated into design
  • Providing standard agreements (utility)
  • Utility conflict resolution options
  • Developing a utility tracking system and schedule
  • Utility Construction Management