About Us

SurvWest, was established in 2009 with the vision of being the premier surveying and mapping firm of choice to our clients. Today we are known for providing innovative and expert level solutions to our clients throughout the Western US in the areas of surveying, mapping, utilities and real estate related services.

SurvWest is a dynamic firm specializing in Survey/Mapping, Utilities and Real Estate services throughout the Western United States. Our experts have decades of expertise and SurvWest is a recognized leader, known for providing innovative solutions and outstanding service to our clients and their projects. SurvWest’s managers will guide our clients to the right combination of products, services and technology approaches to ensure a successful project, from start to finish and beyond.

Our vision and strategy have allowed us to successfully work throughout the Western U.S. on a continuous basis; we have engineered our processes to meet the challenges of our client's regional and national needs. Our designed logistical and mobilization techniques allow us to mobilize our highly experienced staff to project locations efficiently while expediting our client's project schedules.

Our dedication and investment in cutting-edge technologies allows SurvWest to be a solutions oriented provider and expedite our clients’ projects. Our quality management program ensures review of all steps in the project process, from the initial project startup meeting through field coordination, data verification, final data process and product generation.

Our approach is simple; provide expert level professionals and exceptional customer service to all of our clients and their projects.

Survey and Mapping

Mathew J. Barr, PLS

  • Project Principal and Managing Partner
  • Years Experience: 22
  • Education/Training: A.A.S., Engineering Technology, Northwest Kansas Technical College
  • Mathew leads the SurvWest team in the areas of Survey/Mapping, SUE and Utility Coordination, with over 22 years of experience in all disciplines of surveying/mapping and the utility industry. He has successful lead projects throughout the U.S. on various projects in the Railroad, Oil and Gas, Energy, Right of Way, Transportation and Real Estate Development markets. Mr. Barr’s leadership and technical knowledge coupled with his vast experience is a great benefit to our client’s and their projects. Mathew is frequently called upon as an expert witness to defend and determine property ownerships, and interpret historical railroad documents and the precision, accuracies and layout of the many facets of the railroad industry for court cases with some of the largest private entities in the United States, such as the BNSF Railway Company and Union Pacific Railroad Company.

Dallas Wilson, PLS, RPLS, CFedS

  • Project Principal / Director of Survey/Mapping Operations
  • Years Experience: 21
  • Education/Training: B.S., Geomatics, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Dallas is the Director of Survey/Mapping Operations for SurvWest, as well as taking on the role of project manager. In this role Dallas communicates, coordinates and schedules all survey efforts for various projects, as well as functioning as the QA/QC manager on many projects. Dallas has extensive experience on Railroad Right of Way Mapping and Boundary determination projects, Oil and Gas, Transmission and Telecomunication projects, as Municipal, State and Federal projects. Mr. Wilson has also completed the CFedS (Certified Federal Surveyor). There are only a number of CFedS surveyors in the U.S., a CFedS surveyor is authorized to prepare certain portions of boundary evidence documentation using procedures detailed by the Department of Interior for Indian Trust Lands. This can be very beneficial in areas with Native American Lands.

Darren Leveille, PLS

  • Senior Project Manager
  • Years Experience: 21
  • Education/Training: B.S., Surveying and Mapping, Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • Darren has more than 21 years of experience in working in all disciplines of the surveying and mapping industry. He has extensive experience in working with high accuracy control networks and technical aspects of data management, data processing, boundary determination, and boundary control. Darren has worked on multiple large scale projects throughout the Western United States associated with traffic & transportation, Railroad Right of Way Mapping and Boundary determination, Countywide Control Networks, Oil and Gas, Wind Energy, and Federal Land Boundaries. His broad background and attention to detail helps to prepare large scale project to be both completed on time, and ensure the highest quality of data to be delivered for the engineering phase of the project life-cycle.

Utility Key Personnel

Jeffrey K. Vick

  • Project Principal / Project Manager
  • Years Experience: 31
  • Education/Training: B.S. Construction Engineering, 1985, Louisiana Tech University
  • Jeff has more than 30 years of experience in utility construction and coordination and has specialized in providing SUE services for over 16 years. He has successfully managed over two thousand SUE projects throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Jeff’s extensive involvement on various SUE projects includes highways, rail, aviation, municipal infrastructure, schools, water transmission, and electric transmission, demonstrate his knowledge, experience, and ability to successfully lead the SurvWest team. A critical function of successful project management involves understanding the client’s needs and devising the best solution. Jeff provides effective leadership through strong communication skills, understanding of project constraints, giving and receiving feedback from the client, and providing updates on a regular basis.

Thomas Hunt, P.E.

  • Senior System Analyst
  • Years Experience: 20
  • Education/Training: B.S., Civil Engineering, 1998, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign | M.S., Civil Engineering, 2000, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Professional Engineer Licensing: Texas #102567, Florida #80908, Louisiana #38896, Oklahoma #27152, Maine #13621, California #63890, Illinois #062068389, Colorado #51574
  • Tom has more than 20 years of engineering experience across a broad range of specialties, including subsurface utility engineering (SUE), utility coordination, construction management, design, and geotechnical engineering. He serves as the Director of Utility Engineering for SurvWest, and is professionally licensed in eight states. Since 2011 he has completed more than 150 SUE projects throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, California, Maine, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, and Illinois. He has managed SUE projects with contract fees ranging from $1,000 to $1,000,000. Because of his strong background in construction, he understands the importance of conducting SUE investigations early in the design phase to avoid the cost impacts and schedule delays when unexpected utilities are found late in design or during construction.

Ron Morgan

  • SUE Manager
  • Years Experience: 19
  • Education/Training:
  • Mr. Morgan brings over 20 years of field experience designating (QL “B”) and locating (QL “A”) utilities of all types. His background includes a variety of utility projects in the public and private sector. He has mapped utilities on railroad corridors, municipal streets, highways and airports on projects ranging in size from $500 to $2 million. Ron’s extensive expertise in the utility field, includes working in more than 15 states, and makes him a key person in the coordination of SUE activities.

INC. 500 | 5000 (2015)

SurvWest, a premier surveying and mapping firm earned a spot on the 2015 Inc. 5000. The Inc. 5000 is an exclusive annual list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. SurvWest is ranked number 361, with a three year annual growth of 1,307%.

SurvWest ranked number three on the Inc. Engineering Companies nationwide list.

SurvWest is certified as a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) with the Colorado Department of Transportation, as is a prequalified consultant with CDOT.

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